Our International Children’s Program

LuskinOIC founded the International Children’s Program (ICP) for one reason: to help children outside of the U.S. receive high-quality, orthopaedic care regardless of their family’s financial situation. Through the ICP, for over 60 years, we have been able to help more than 150,000 children. Children come from countries around the world to receive care through the LuskinOIC International Children’s Program, and all are treated by board-certified surgeons.

Our program has never been stronger. Together, with our donors and volunteers, we can continue to change the lives of children, giving them a chance to grow well and play well.

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Generosity Felt Around The World

More than 150,000 children are treated by award-winning surgeons at OIC


When we come together, it can change a child’s life

Our treatment includes cerebral palsy, scoliosis, congenital hip disorders, missing or deformed bones, and clubfoot. With support from our donors, this program covers all aspects of a child’s care, including all physician consultations, X-rays, lab tests, CT and MRI scans, surgeries, hospital stays, travel, food, and lodging. This level of care would not be possible without the support of our community.

For information or to make an appointment: 213-742-1335 or intchildprog@mednet.ucla.edu

Near and Dear to Our Hearts

Serving the Calexico and Mexicali Communities

At the Valley Orthopaedic Clinic in Calexico and the Hospital General de Mexicali, children receive initial screenings from our doctors and staff in an effort to get kids back to playing. We travel to the Valley Orthopedic Clinic in Calexico eight clinic days a year and the Hospital General de Mexicali three clinic days a year to perform evaluations.

After we evaluate the children’s conditions, and consult with physicians at the OIC campus in our downtown Los Angeles location, the children who are in need of surgical care are brought to the UCLA Medical Center – Santa Monica. Here, physicians provide the treatment needed, giving children the best possible outcomes.

It’s important to follow these instructions

  • Call (213) 742-1335 to make a screening and consultation appointment to see us in Calexico or Mexicali
  • Attend screening and consultation on clinic day

After your child’s screening, if additional treatment is required the ICP team will let you know during your appointment and help you set up further care at OIC’s Los Angeles location, including:

  • Apply for passports and visas (approval can take 6 to 24 months)
  • Schedule an appointment at OIC’s LA location
  • Visit the U.S. Immigration office and obtain permission to visit LA for the appointment
  • Prepare for departure from Valley Orthopaedic Clinic (the trip can take up to 8 hours)

2022 schedule

  • February 18, Telehealth only
  • April 1-2, Calexico & Mexicali
  • June 10, Calexico
  • August 19-20, Calexico & Mexicali
  • September 9, Telehealth only
  • October 7, Calexico
  • December 2-3, Calexico & Mexicali


There is no greater good than helping a child in need

Our extraordinary donor community support helps us transform the lives of children in the LA community, and beyond.